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Our dog daycare rates allow you to control your budget, rather than us dictating what is a full or half day. Everyone pays just for the time they use. You choose the day, amount of time and make a reservation.

At The Hound Lounge your dog will have a fun filled day with balanced playtime, including outside time and rest time.  Playroom Attendants are professionally trained through Canine Foundations and The Dog Gurus in:​​

  • Canine Behaviour

  • Canine Self Defence

  • Dog to Dog Aggression

  • Knowing Dogs 101

  • Group Play 201

Our playrooms are fully supervised. We know how to keep the play fun and safe!  When you pick up your buddy, they will be tired and relaxed.   


Our rooms are built with 3/8” rubber flooring for excellent traction and cushioning. We have lots of fun dog specific playground equipment, toys, beds to rest on, and fresh water is replenished often.


All dogs joining us must be pre-screened to ensure daycare is right for them.  We ask that you make an appointment for this assessment. We book assessments Mondays-Fridays starting at 10:00 am and ending at 2:30 pm. It is an hour long and free of charge. We ask that you please fill out our application that will help us understand your dog.  Click here to fill out our application and get the process started!

To get your dog started click here to fill out the application.


Daily Rate:

Hourly (min. 3 hours) - $6.60/hr


30 Hours - $189.00 ($6.30 per hour - approx. 5% discount)

75 Hours - $450.00 ($6.00 per hour - approx. 10% discount)

150 Hour - $849.00 ($5.60 per hour - approx. 15% discount)


Packages are non-refundable and non-transferable and expire after 12 months if not in use.

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